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This looks so delicious! I don't usually enjoy cooking hot breakfasts, but some of your posts have inspired me to try a bit harder to like it! I've noticed your breakfasts often include veggie sausages. What's your favourite brand?

Brigid Towler

Hey Rachel!

In all honesty, the hot breakfast are reserved for weekends. There's something about taking that time that time and enjoying a warm meal that says "weekend" to us. Weekdays it's overnight oats and smoothies for the most part!

For sausages, I have a few go tos on our rare sausage occasions. For small breakfast sausages I like Yves, but for almost everything else Field Roast is my pick, they're becoming more readily available at Health Food stores in Canada I find.

In the past I've made my own sausages using spiced seitan. Wrap it in tin foil liktootsiee a roll, boil - voila, home made vegan sausage!

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